C + T take on live TV

Hi Friends!

We are so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to share the story of Carter and Toby with the world. The amount of attention we have received over the the last few weeks has been overwhelming. We hope their photos/videos bring a smile to your face and raise awareness for rescue and shelter animals. There are so many “Tobys” out there that need a loving home. Thank you all for coming along with us on our journey through the life of Carter and Toby! The kind words we have received are incredibly heart warming. We cannot wait to show Carter his photo journal and for him to read all of the comments from across the world. Please know we try our best to read them all and truly appreciate every single one. You all sure know how to make us feel special!

Today, we dipped our toes into live tv. Thank you to WISH 8 for having us on. You can watch the segment – here. We are currently working on some events that will raise money for our furry friends in need and a revamp of carterandtoby.com.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for loving our sweet boys and watching them grow and learn.

All the best,

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Adventures in the teepee

photo-66 copy

Ah… the teepee.  The teepee showed up a few weeks ago in my brother’s room.  I think it’s fantastic that my parents finally realized that I need a bed in his room, but I just don’t understand why they won’t let us sleep in there.


My puppy brother and I play in it everyday.  It has become our favorite place to hide from Mom cuddle, play games and read.  Mom clearly hasn’t read the “NO PARENTS ALLOWED” sign hanging on the front of it.

photo-66 copy 21

Although, winter is supposedly coming to an end and we are looking forward to playing outside, I know this is a place we will play often.  I look forward to the days when we will nap, tell stories, share snacks and play with “big boy” toys in it.  It will be our secret hide out where we will pretend to be batman and robin a super dynamic duo.   The teepee is a place where creativity is born and cuddling is required. I think I really like the teepee. 


They say “he’ll bite”

IMG_6475Two summers ago, I was cuddled up with my Momma on the couch (she was breaking the rule – no dogs on the couch… don’t tell dad). I noticed that she had become a little big fluffy and she was walking with a waddle and wearing clothes that hid her new fluffy belly.  I did not know it then, but my life was about to change.  On that summer day, I met my puppy brother.  In fact, I remember the exact moment it happened. My Mom was petting my head and telling me how handsome I was. I had started to fall asleep and then it happened… he kicked me right in the head.  You could say we had an instant connection. A short time after, my mom was put on bed rest.  At the time, I was not allowed upstairs (where the bedrooms are). Clearly, their “rules” have changed because now my big bed is right next to theirs. When my Dad would leave for work, I would sneak up and lay on the floor at the end of her bed.  I don’t think she knew I was there for the longest time, but I had to make sure she and my puppy brother were going to be okay.


A few weeks later, they brought him home and my heart exploded.  Just like the day my parents rescued me, I felt pure joy and happiness.  He was my puppy, my heart, my soul, my world.  I knew that from that day forward, I had to protect him, teach him and watch him grow. Never did I dream my family could change so much by someone so little.  I watched my parents love him the way I loved him. They gave him everything he needed.  My heart was full because my family was happy…my brother had arrived.


It took some getting used to at first.  He pooped, spit up and cried… a lot.  I tried giving him a few of my toys, but that didn’t seem to work. My parents let me sniff and lick him when I wanted.  They were doing their best to give me the love and attention that I needed with this new little one in the house.  Just like the days that my mom spent on bed rest, it was my mission to guard him with my life and sneak a kiss or two in.  The people coming in and out of my house to see my new puppy brother made me nervous.  I may have growled at a couple if they made Carter cry. Nevertheless, I was trained to be gentle and never bite, especially with Carter.

image_1I understand why people would be nervous of a handsome rescue dog being around a baby.  Unfortunately, there are cases of dogs getting new puppy brothers or sisters and not being able to adapt.  It is not only big dogs or rescue dogs, but I am sure this has happened with many different kinds of dogs.  In my case, I had been trained and socialized. My cousins were the first children I had been around consistently since I was a pup and they taught me that children give you their leftover food are loving and fun.  I enjoy watching them grow and love them immensely.

image_25So when I hear “he’ll bite” I know they must be talking about my puppy brother, Carter, biting because his teeth are sharp I would die before I would bite.  I know that I was put in this home to be a best friend.  I did not know that I would find my best friend here.  I am so thankful to be able to call Carter my puppy brother.  My love for him is unconditional…he can pull my tail, drink water from my bowl, scream in my ear and I will always love him.  Carter makes my time enjoyable and my heart melt.  I know that he, like most puppies, will grow out of being rough, but what people may not see are his incredible kind and loving ways.  I know that little boy is going to grow up and do great things.  I can only hope that I am right there beside him exploring this big, big world to watch him learn and grow. I want to see the pure innocence and joy that is in a child’s eyes viewing the world for the first time. I want to be there to lick the tears away when he falls and to be the one to pick him up.

image_14 2So please remember, it’s not a breed or a rescue/shelter dog that bites. It is truly case by case.  Don’t automatically judge that I bite just because you see me playing with my baby.  Everyone plays differently and my parents would ship me off never allow me to hurt my brother.  With that being said, please be smart when a child and dog are around each other.  As for parents looking to adopt/rescue, DO NOT be discouraged because the dog is a “rescue” you may be passing up on your child’s greatest friend.



For more photos/videos of Carter and Toby please visit: instagram.com/carterandtoby


I do not understand these things my parents and puppy brother put on their paws.  It’s only when they leave the house.  My dad puts on this funny cover over his paws.  Then, this contraption that he laces up and ties. Why would anyone want that on their paws.  My mom has threatened if I ever chew up any of these silly paw covers that I will be sent off forever in big trouble.  In the summer, my mom will put them on and take me out to run in the park.  So maybe, they are for speed.  In that case, I am missing out on a lot of running through the mud playtime.


What I do know is my puppy brother hates dislikes very strongly these paw covers.  In fact, he will cry when they are being placed on his paws.  I really don’t like seeing him cry.  So I have enacted a plan.  It’s called The Toby Defense or don’t you dare put those things on my puppy brother. It always starts out the same with a diaper change.  I still don’t understand why he doesn’t potty outside in the yard like I do.  Then, come the paw covers. (This is where I come in)  As the tears start to flow, I begin to lick.  I start by drying up puppy brothers tears which normal ends in laughter and a little sausage finger up my nose. My next step is to move on to Mom or Dad’s face. Who doesn’t love doggie kisses? They have to stop to move me out of the way pet me. Somehow, someway, they always get those paw covers on him. I guess there is always next time.  In the meantime, if you can’t beat them….

like father, like son(s)

like father, like son(s)

For more photos and videos of Carter and Toby please visit: instagram.com/carterandtoby

No Parents Allowed

No Parents Allowed

Finally… I have my own bed in Carter’s nursery. Don’t tell Mom and Dad that I plan on sneaking in here during naps. For more photos and videos of Carter and Toby please visit: http://instagram.com/carterandtoby


Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Toby.


I am the brains of this operation. My friends call me: Toby Bear, Tobs, Handsome Devil, Tobias, Gog (Dog), Good lookin’,  Oh-Bee, McStuffins, Mom’s favorite or Bubba. I am a rescue pup who lives in Indiana with my family.  I enjoy long walks on the beach, treats and pretty girls.  Just kidding I’ve never been to a beach (my parents aren’t big fans of sand).

 Meet my Parents


My Mom, Devin, stays at home everyday with my Brother and I.  My Dad, Jake, leaves in the morning wearing a suit and a colorful looking collar (he calls a tie).  They have been married for almost 3 years.

Meet my Brother

IMG_1534 edit

This ugly, bald puppy is Carter.  He may not look like me, but I am teaching him all that I know. These posts will be about our daily trouble making adventures as I see it.

It’s not easy being awesome a big brother but someone has to do it.  I am happy to have this little puppy as my brother.  I hope you enjoy this glance into our lives; our “tail” of two friends.



For more photos and videos of Carter and Toby please visit: instagram.com/carterandtoby