New Year, New Adventures

Hello 2015!

I hope you all had a very wonderful 2014! It was a year filled with very high highs and low lows. We are happy to have a fresh start. With every new year comes great intentions, and this year I will try not to be so bad about blogging. Forgive me, but having a now two year old (how did that happen!?!) and a very needy, loving pup makes it hard to find time to document their time. However, 2014 taught me that I need to be better about finding this time.

Carter and Toby (the Instagram and Blog) was an accident of sorts, which I’m sure most of you know by now. I started the Instagram account to have a place to print/share all the photos of C + T together. It’s always been so easy for me to snap a photo and post it. The part I struggled the most with was the blog. Telling their stories has always felt so personal to me and a level of their relationship few get to see.

In 2014, I lost a family member who always shared Carter and Toby’s stories and photos with everyone she met. She was amazing in general, but she had a special talent for documenting her life adventures -which has inspired me to have those same stories to share with Carter and all of you. Now, with that being said, this two-year-old does not live that interesting of a life. He is insanely loved by his family and one very loyal pup.

We spent most of December and the beginning of January apart or separated (especially Carter from Toby). It was sad seeing how upset Carter and Toby would get being separated, but watching them being reunited was like watching them run through a sunny field of flowers into each other’s arms…. Ok, not exactly, but close.

I’m excited for what 2015 has in store! There will be more time spent as a family now that Jake a.k.a. Daddy is finished with his Masters Degree. We plan to travel more as a family (this includes taking our furry baby along). Lastly, we will continue to help animals in need.

Cheers to the New Year and to great friends!


Carter’s Wish

Carter's Wish

It’s October!! In our house, October is a very exciting month. Our tiny Carter will be turning two! As a Mom, I emotionally struggle with my Baby’s Birthday.  I cannot believe he has been ours for a whole two years.  The joy he has brought into our world is one that I have no words to describe.  Selfishly, I want to keep him my little baby forever, but at the same time, I do not want to miss one single moment of who he is becoming…a little boy whose heart loves so greatly.  Never did I imagine I would have a “job” that would be so difficult and rewarding at the same time – being a Mom. My words and examples will help shape who this sweet boy will become.

iPhone photos 9.24.14 807

As his birthday approaches, Jake and I began to think of what would Carter want for his birthday. Watching him snuggle and giggle with Toby, it was easy for us to see what we needed to do. There is no tangible item in the world that could give him the joy and love that Toby gives to him. We quickly decided that for Carter’s birthday, we would lauch #carterswish !  In honor of Carter’s second birthday, we will be teaching how much greater it is to give than receive by giving to what he loves wholeheartedly, rescue animals.

iPhone photos 9.24.14 805

Here’s how #carterswish will work: During the month of October, post a photo of yourself and/or furry friend helping your local shelter/rescue (examples below) and add #CARTERSWISH @carterandtoby and @iandloveandyoupet to your photo on Instagram. For every photo (up to 500), our AMAZING friends at I and Love and You will be donating a meal to an animal in need at the Humane Society of Indianapolis .  We encourage our great followers to repost their favorite photo of Carter and Toby telling their friends about Carter’s Wish! Be on the lookout for YOUR photo, because we will be reposting some of our favorites throughout the month.

iPhone photos 9.24.14 812

For those of you who do not know, Toby is a rescue dog.  We adopted him when his owner could no longer care for him, leaving him at a local bank. Adopting a dog was not in the plan for our newlywed family, but he fit perfectly.  The amount of animals that are abandoned or surrendered to shelters is staggering and many are as kindhearted as our Toby.  Nevertheless, these superheros who run the facilities that care for these animals in need are often times in desperate need of help.  A quick visit to your local shelter’s website can help you identify specially what they are in need of.

Ways you can help your local shelter

  • Volunteering Time (walking dogs, cleaning cages, cuddling)
  • Donate Old Towels (these can be used for the animals to sleep on)
  • Foster a Furry Friend
  • Donate Items on Local Shelters Wish List (items may include: collars, leashes, peroxide, paper towels, peanut butter)
  • Monetary Donations
  • Giving an Animal a Forever Home

Please remember when considering adopting a furry baby that this is a huge decision and should be carefully considered. Make sure your new friend will be a great fit for your lifestyle.

Lastly. we want to say a huge THANK YOU to every one of you for helping us create such a lasting and meaningful gift for a sweet little boy.  And THANK YOU to I and Love and You for helping us make Carter’s Wish come true! If you haven’t heard of I and Love and You allow me to introduce you to your new favorite pet food company.  They are a new company out of Boulder, Colorado that makes a line of natural, holistic vet approved, grain free and raw foods.  As well as treats, supplements and remedies for dogs and cats.  Please check out I and Love and You for some fantastic food options for your furry love and for a  list of retailers to pick up some of their goodies!

NOW, go help out some animals in need and tag those pictures!