On the Road Again

Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


It’s FINALLY spring here in Indiana! We’ve been waiting not so patiently for warm weather! We have had some serious cabin fever…and it’s time to bust out of this house. Now that Carter is FIVE and Max is a very mobile 18 month old (I’m not sure how that happened so fast), we are cruising into the ages where they enjoy being outside and playing with their sweet pup, Toby. We love to bring Toby along with us whenever we can and he seems to especially love exploring with his little buddies.

If you are a regular follower of our Instagram, you know by now that Max is our “wild one”. He undoubtedly plays hard, loves hard and is a hard one to tame.  Maxwell often gets his brother’s hand me downs, but when it came time to get him a big boy car seat we needed a reliable car seat to ensure we keep our babe safe.

Like so many others, I struggle with anxiety, although I don’t talk about it much publicly. It can, at times, majorly affect my life. Keeping my children safe is undoubtedly my number one trigger, so when I discovered the Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0, I felt we needed to get this car seat in our car as soon as possible.

Originally developed to prevent the rising number of infant hot car deaths, SensorSafe 2.0 goes a step further to monitor the well being of the child while the vehicle is in motion. Whether you accidentally leave the child alone in the car or the child unbuckles himself, the essential alert will go off through both the vehicle receiver and the caregiver’s cellphone.  The SensorSafe app is not required to receive alerts so you can keep both hands on the wheels if your copilot has the day off! It even tells you the temperature inside the car.


Carter was pretty excited with when it arrived and couldn’t wait to get it in the car next to his seat. BIG thank you to Jake for installing, checking and double checking the SensorSafe 2.0 to make sure it was perfect for our precious cargo.  I’m thankful he listens and understands why I worry and does his best to give me peace of mind. He showed me harness system and 12-position height-adjustable headrest before buckling Max in.  NO more difficult threading in and out when adjusting the straps for this fast growing boy.  Just the look on Max’s face makes me feel so good.  I can trust that he will be safe and comfortable while we are on the road.


And look who else hopped in to give it a good sniff.


So we are off to explore. Our first stop is an old favorite of ours – West Park.


YOU GUYS!!! If you are planning a trip to Indy or live nearby you have to check this place out! West Park is a great place for all ages and most importantly it’s dog friendly! It is Carmel’s (a suburb of Indianapolis) 2nd largest park and is planned to expand even more this year. There are several different play areas, slides, swings, a splash pad, trails, a great picnic area and even a little library! While Carter and Max conquered the playground, Toby and I hit the boardwalk and climbed the hill just beyond the play area.

The next and last stop, Coxhall Gardens. The gardens are only 1/2 mile from West Park, so back in the car we went. Max was excited to get back into his Cybex Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0. The few minutes it took to get to our next park gave me a chance to dive in and explore the SensorSafe app and I’m happy to report Max didn’t even try to unclip his chest clip! I think he is enjoying his new seat as much as I am.

Coxhall Gardens is another massive, BEAUTIFUL park. And everything has just started coming in bloom! It only takes a few weeks of nice weather to change the landscape here in Indiana. Our favorite part is the Children’s Garden, a child size village of stores that weave through trees and flowers.  Carter loves imaginary play so his eyes lit up when he saw the village storefronts.  The echo whisper wall was a big hit, although Max did the opposite of whisper.


Days like this have me excited for summer!  I know the boys and I enjoyed the fresh air, the drive and just running around. And most importantly we can check our worries at the doorstep knowing that we have Cybex technology to protect our littlest babe.

If you are an Indy native or love to travel around Indiana, tell us your favorite dog friendly place in or around the city — you can leave a comment below or visit our latest Instagram post. I’d love to know where you’ll be spending your Spring (even if it isn’t here in the Hoosier State). We are always looking for new adventures for our three boys. We are overdue for a trip to Bloomington, so that may be an upcoming trip with the new SensorSafe seat, traveling on the highway will come with a newfound comfort level. We hope to see you there!


  1. I live in Franklin, IN and we have great parks too. West Park looks lovely. Love the post on the car seat. I have a 1 yr old and we are looking to upgrade his car seat too. Love all the functions and especially the safe sensor. What a great feature. Will definitely be checking out this car seat as an option for my little one.

  2. I love that he looks so cozy and safe as you explore–seeing the world through our kids’ eyes is such a fun thing to be a part of. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful family you have!! I am a nanny for 4 children and the youngest of 11months. I have been so interested in these car seats! Thanks for sharing, this helps soooo much.

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