Traveling for the Holidays

We are a family that travels during the holidays. Jake and I both have families that live out of state so we spend a good portion of November and December traveling. I’m sure you can imagine how challenging it can be flying with two small children, so we partnered again with Cybex to show how they are making traveling easier this holiday season.


Navigating the world of baby gear can be a challenge. Our family comes with our own set of unique set of needs – like having a tall husband. We’ve been in the market for a new stroller for some time now. We needed something that has the quality to survive life with two boys, but also is space efficient and easy to travel with. I felt like it was a lot to ask out of a single product.

The Cybex Eezy S Twist Stroller has met my long list of needs for a travel stroller! And the boys and I decided to put it to the test in beautiful Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Honestly, we were super excited to escape chilly Indiana for a little over a week and wanted to take you all along with us.

First up is packing for my entire family. Anyone else feel like packing the car is like a game of Tetris? Which bag can fit where? Oh and someone (usually me) always gets stuck holding something. Strollers have always been a necessity when we travel because we need to have Max strapped in to make it calmly through check in, security, etc. But strollers take up so much valuable space. Not. Any. More. We were off to a great start.

We left our house at 3:30 AM and after a layover in Charlotte we were in Puerto Plata by dinner. We buzzed through the airport with no issues. We did gate check the stroller, although I’m certain it would have fit in the overhead bin. Max even took a quick nap on the go. Although it’s an incredibly long day, it is worth it once you make it to this beautiful country. We’ve been so fortunate to be able to show our children other countries and cultures and hope they value these experiences once they are older.

This place is paradise. We stayed at all inclusive resort and it was the best decision for our 8 day trip with family.

We spent most mornings at the beach after breakfast in our villa. The beaches were gorgeous and Carter was sure to fully check out all the swings, cabanas, beds, hammocks that he could. Meanwhile, Max took some time to warm up to the idea that there really was sand everywhere. We have had a sandbox for over a year and he has yet to actually play inside it.

Carter was living his life to the fullest! We had fun drinks on the beach, which was surprisingly not very busy. That may have been because there were several beaches and our favorite one was more hidden. We explored the area, watched shows and even found a coffee shop that had the BEST desserts. Needless to say, we made sure to stop by daily. Everyone we met was so friendly and we quickly became friends with the smiling faces we saw every day. Carter lived for the crepes they made by the beach. I’m sure post- vacation travel will come with a sugar detox. We will save that for January.

Although we were only an hour ahead of our normal time, Max was a little thrown off his usually schedule. His nap was still something necessary if we wanted a happy baby. Our resort had golf carts that we drove all over the property and I usually took the Eezy S Twist Stroller with us so Max could nap or we could stroll home. It was compact and easy to take along with us where ever we ventured.

The one thing we were missing was our sweet Toby. He was on his own vacation of sorts at his cousins’ house followed by a day with friends at doggie camp. We facetimed him often and received daily updates. If Toby enjoyed travel I would love nothing more than to take him along with us. Unfortunately, he does not. We are so thankful he was in the best hands while we were gone.

We loved our time in the Dominican and were so sad to have to leave, but we needed to get back to Indiana to celebrate Christmas. Followed by another road trip to Nashville where we will be celebrating a late Christmas and New Years with more family. Back to reality we went. It started by a delayed flight out of Puerto Plata which made our layover in Miami shorter than expected. We landed in Miami and barely made it through customs with enough time to run through security and to our gate.  Thankfully, my nephew was traveling with us because I’m not sure we would have made it without his help. We put Carter in the stroller, Jake held Max and we ran nearly the entire length of the D concourse with our 5 backpacks and carryon bag. It was like something out of Home Alone. We barely made it!! But the fun wasn’t quite over yet… we didn’t have time to stop and get milk for Max before we boarded. I wasn’t too concerned because the last flight we were on they had it stocked on board. YOU GUYS — this plane didn’t have a refrigerator so they didn’t have milk for our bedtime flight. Vacation was certainly over.

The boys must have sensed my desperation because they were great for the flight. We landed and were greeted with a message about one of our bags not making our flight; it was some kind of Christmas miracle when we found ALL of them at baggage claim.

I feel like this is a trip that will certainly be remembered for a long time (I know that run through the airport will be). I couldn’t have loved this time together with my family anymore. And I know it wouldn’t have been as easy without our new Cybex Eezy S Twist Stroller. Jake and I are already planning on where we will take it next.

Thank you to Cybex for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


  1. It was a great stroller even grandma could operate it with ease!! It definitely was a amazing Christmas vacation!❤️❤️#blessedfamily

  2. This is the cutest blog post, I’m not just saying that because I’m in it either 😂 But i have the worlds most amazing sister and my ADORABLE SWEET nephews have the worlds most amazing mom and dad. I loved all the little photo shoots

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