Toby’s Pet DNA Results


From the moment we welcomed Toby into our home, we wished we knew more about him.  Jake and I would look at him and play a guessing game of maybe he is part this or part that.  On our first visit to the vet, they labeled him a Rottweiler Mix and that was what we believed him to be until he started growing and changing.

The sweet, precious ears that we know and love started to take on a life of their own. For starters, the were HUGE and when they stood up it was possibly the cutest thing I had ever seen on this little pup. During this same time his fur started to change and went from being from mostly black to having more brown. We changed veterinarians and they updated his charts and listed him as a German Shepherd mix.  Also, a little side note about those ears –  I believe he may have broken the floppy ear. They both used to stand up until he played with a neighborhood doggie friend and from that day it was always floppy (unless he gets really excited). I should also note that how his ear was broken is heavily debated between Jake and myself. And since he isn’t writing this you get to hear my side. 😉 It never seemed like it hurt and now we can’t imagine his ear any other way.

Fast forward to after Carter was born…I began to post photos of the two of them online. I was quickly flooded (and still am) with questions of “what kind of dog is he”.  I have enjoyed chatting with people around the world about what they believe him to be or seeing their pups who share the same characteristics as Toby.

Still, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dive in and actually find out what he was. My once strong desire to know, changed to loving him as being one of a kind and knowing he was really part human or unicorn. Now that Carter is older, he has started asking the same questions we did in the beginning. He loves dogs so much and wants to know and understand each breed. We are in the second half of the school year and each week he has brought home a book about a different breed (kind of surprised the school library hasn’t ran out yet).

Wanting to give him some answers, I decided to ask our Instagram followers what pet DNA kit they have used/liked. The overwhelming response was Wisdom Panel. So I planned to get the results on Christmas as a surprise for the boys (and the rest of our Instagram family).

And here are the results for Toby!

2019-01-17 (2)

Basically he is a super mutt! Here is a little family tree.

2019-01-17 (36).png

My first question was “ok… so what are these breed groups they reference?” Here is a quick example of those included in Toby’s DNA.

The results allowed us to dive a little deep into the breeds they were able to identify

Santa Paws bought our family these results and left them in Toby’s stocking.  Carter was pretty excited! He now has some peeked interest in these breeds identified in our Wisdom Panel.  I hope this helps answer any questions you may have about our sweet Toby.

I’d love to know if these were the results you expected – you can leave what your guess was below in the comments.

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