The Greatest Show

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It is said that childhood is the most beautiful of life’s seasons. I think I would have to agree. In a life that can be chaotic, with a endless lists of “you-dos,” I hope I never miss or forget moments like these. The days are long, but the years are short and full of so many great moments.

If you follow my Instagram stories, you may have seen a small glimpse into this little day of fun. Actually, it was two days, but I’ll explain that more in a moment. First off, let me tell ya bout my friend, Jessica of Jessica Rene Photography. You guys! I have been obsessed with her photography since I met her 7 years ago. She has taken many of my very favorite family photos, and these are photos are insanely precious to me. She is a true artist and the best to work with. She is based here in Indianapolis, but has traveled the world for her clients, so if you love her work like I do, make sure you keep her in mind for your photography needs.

The inspiration for this circus theme came from the love and obsession of The Greatest Showman that Carter, Max and Jessica’s darling boys share. What could be better than watching these sweet friends live out this dream for a day (or two)? Which brings me to a funny little story. For weeks, Jessica and I collected props and costumes for this shoot; we spent a couple hours setting up and getting kids dressed. Out of nowhere, it starts RAINING! Of all days. So we packed it all back up the hill and decided to try again later.

And I’m so glad we did try again. It was magical to watch them live this dream. Their imagination took off and they were the characters they created for themselves –  Carter as the musical ringmaster, Toby as the majestic lion, Max daring new heights as himself #maxonthings, Nolan as the agile tightrope walker and Hudson as the cutest strongman.

We had two little cuties that we thought would have some fun being elephants. And two big brothers who thought it was kind of fun to pull the elephants around.

I still can’t get over those adorable elephants.

Being the mom and the one who is usually behind the camera, there aren’t a lot of photos of myself with the boys. I’m thankful Jessica convinced me to dress up and have fun with them. Seriously, Jess, thank you. Because I know they thought it was so fun that Mommy was apart of something that was so important to them. I played the part of the crazy apple-shot assistant.

And sometimes the momma’s get to have some fun of their own!

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Special thank you to my friend, Jessica Rene Photography, for these memories that will hang in our home for years to come. Now to decide which ones to print. What ones would you choose?

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